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Mother Theresa Str.16/23,
10000, Prishtinë, Republic of Kosova

Roundabout Design and Supervision Gjakove

3D Building Visualization Germany

Drenas Obiliq Road Design

Swimming Pool Freskimi Suhareke

Swimming Pool Freskimi Suhareke-Construction Phase

Private House Design Bukosh Suhareke

Primary School Design Rogove Gjakove

Interior Design Fellbach Germany

Typical Albanian Man Room Interior Design

Youth Center Gracanica

Landfill Access Road Zvecan

Access Road under Construction

Pre-Detention Design UNOPS Project

High Security Prison Design Update and Upgrade + inspection Services

Project Proposal for Students Dormitory

Prizren University management building Restoration design

Decan Central Road Design 

Private House Design

Private House Design

Tirana Road Design Prishtina

Tirana Road Design

Roundabout Design Tirana Road

Retaining Wall Design Dolloc School

Interior Design Ideal Project Office

Interior Design Ideal Project Office

UNDP Environmental Project

M9 Motorway Design  Kline Peje 26 km

M9 Motorway Design  Kline Peje 26 km

Secondary School Design

Tafaj 3Ha Building Suhareka

Retaining Wall Design Suhareke

Fama University Building

Shiroke-Sopije Road Design

Private House Vraniq

Design Support for initial design

Private Building

Landfill Rehabilitation Design Reps Albania

Hypodrom Design Suhareke

Soccer Field Design for Decan Municipality

Combinied Building Suhareka

since 2004

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